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4049 S. Orange Blossom Trail, in front of Maxwell Garden Apartments, is home to one of Pathlight HOME’s wonderful Social Enterprise Programs, Sobik’s Subs Café. As a social enterprise, our unique café provides training and employment opportunities to formerly homeless and low-income students in the Pathlight Kitchen Culinary Training Program, right along with its yummy breakfast and lunch items, catering, event room, and free Wi-Fi. Thanks to an added partnership with Starbucks “We Proudly Serve,” you can also enjoy Starbuck’s delicious coffees and teas. How exactly, does Sobik’s Subs Café operate so efficiently? We owe it to the hard work of our quite competent manager, Barbara!

Born and raised in Georgia, Barbara moved to Orlando in middle school and has been residing here since. She reflects fondly on her childhood, accrediting her cooking abilities to her mother. “I learned to cook at a young age. My mom taught me how to make biscuits. They were hard as a rock! But [with practice over time] I got the hang of it.”

Cooking was always in the forefront of her mind when considering what career path she would pursue as she grew older. “I knew how to cook well, but I wanted professional training.” She decided to pursue culinary training, where she “learned the ins and outs of working as a chef.” After training and landing an internship, she was able to begin her career, which ultimately led her into the position she has now, as Manager of Sobik’s Subs Café for the past two years.

As manager, Barbara has incorporated popular additions to the Sobik’s Subs menu such as muffins, cereal, and other options for “on the go” customers that need a quick breakfast before work. She has big plans for the future, and hopes expand the menu even further, possibly adding pizza and wings - delicious complements to our signature subs! When she isn’t busy managing the business, she also plans to start taking baking classes, so she can implement a dessert and pastry menu in the future. With the support of her two new part-time employees, Kris and Christopher, working in the front and back of the kitchen, Barbara is confident her goals for our Sobik’s Subs location are possible.    

Barbara’s career is proof that hard work and utilizing community resources can lead to success. When asked what she recommends to someone considering taking Pathlight Kitchen’s 12-week Culinary Training Program, she says to go for it! “It’s great because it’s fast paced, but it’s worth it. The amount you learn happens quickly. If you are interested in a culinary career, it’s a great foundation. It opens many doors.”

Barbara reflects on the “doors” that were opened in her life after becoming the manager at Sobik’s Subs Café. “I am learning how to manage a business. In the future, if I want to open my own business, I will have the foundation to do so. This has been a great opportunity.”

We are so thankful in return to have Barbara as part of the Pathlight HOME team. For more information about our two social enterprise programs, Sobik’s Subs Café, and Pathlight Kitchen, please visit http://pathlighthome.org/social-enterprise/sobik-s-cafe