Our Successful PastPathlight HOME is the long-time leader in establishing affordable solutions for the homeless of Central Florida. For more than 25 years, we have helped more than 5,000 people find safe, supportive and dignified housing. Since 1992 Pathlight HOME has developed over 600 units of affordable housing for very low-income and homeless Central Floridians.

Pathlight HOME’s ability to serve very-low income individuals and the chronically homeless is an important part of a critical civic infrastructure. The loss of these units from the housing continuum of care would be catastrophic for both the homeless people we serve and our community.

Pathlight HOME is uniquely qualified to continue providing population specific expertise in serving the homeless community. We have a proven track record for responsible management of public funding assets from the Federal, State, County and City funding.

Through sustainable asset management, we continue to serve the Central Florida Community. Pathlight HOME is prepared to extend the life of its existing units for the foreseeable future. This means continual life transformation for thousands of Central Floridians like Wayne, one of our long-term residents.

Wayne was in and out of shelters struggling to deal with multiple life challenges. He was paying $9/night to stay in one of Orlando’s dormitory-style overnight shelters. It can be a never-ending hamster wheel for the chronically homeless. Wayne needed a cornerstone. He needed a home. Once Pathlight HOME offered him a permanent roof over his head, the healing began.

“Just around the time I thought my life was pretty much over, I had health problems and was staying in a shelter—when I could bum enough money to stay. Then God blessed me with Pathlight HOME. I’m grateful to have someplace that cares about me and wants to help me.” –Wayne, Resident

Inspired by Wayne’s Story, we are reminded every day that homelessness does indeed have a solution.