work to end homelessnessWhile progress has been made, too many Floridians still experience homelessness. Central Florida is home to a booming population, which is great for the financially fit. However, housing affordability for low-income renters is a deepening fiscal crisis in Central Florida. With population growth set to top six-million by 2030, both the private and public sector must put in place a well-funded plan to increase the number of unit’s necessary to improve housing affordability.

Unaddressed, homelessness will inevitably increase. Complicating matters, Central Florida’s service economy is dominated by low wage job opportunities. This presents significant challenges for single adults—especially those with minor children.

There is little being done to proactively pursue this crisis. Many seem willing to just let whatever happens, happen! At Pathlight HOME, and with the help of responsible community supports, we will not let this happen. Even still, we need more support from the private, corporate and philanthropic community to reach our goal.

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