Entrepreneurship. It’s a big word with even bigger goals! We know that once a homeless person finds a place to stay, most want to find a job and support themselves. Work provides them with a routine, a sense of purpose, dignity and added income. We want to help them do that and we know that it can be accomplished through the right partnerships. Often, our residents can’t initially manage a full-time job, and some have to overcome barriers to employment and enhance skillsets necessary to earn higher wages. 

Through a strategic partnership with the community, we have created Pathlight Kitchen’s FREE culinary training program to serve as an on-ramp to employment! Participants overcome barriers to employment and enhance skillsets necessary to earn higher wages. 

This 12-week introductory culinary course provides participants with marketable skills. It also includes ServSafe certification and banquet set-up/service training. Our classes are small, offering individual coaching, and soft-skill development opportunities critical for workplace success. Our experienced Chef trainers cultivate a network of employers who want to interview and hire our graduates, who in turn command a living wage. 

Sobiks Café is a sandwich shop and café located next to the Maxwell Garden Apartments on traffic-heavy Orange Blossom Trail. In addition to a low-cost quality eatery, this social enterprise provides a training ground for our trainees to learn customer service skills and put their food service skills to the test in a supportive environment. You can now order Sobik's delivery through Uber Eats! 

We believe that partnerships such as this can be replicated over & over and provide a strong positive impact for our community.