Giving Tuesday Now

YOU are the reason Pathlight HOME is able to help so many formerly homeless neighbors change their lives. You understand that “giving” means more than providing financial support – though that is always appreciated! It means generosity of the heart and spirit, like those who volunteer their time and talent to sort donations, paint walls, do office tasks, and lead projects for residents. It means the wonderful souls who donate hygiene products, clothing, food, hand sanitizer and other needed items and services.


Today is #GivingTuesdayNow and we thought it was the perfect time to show you – through the eyes of our staff - how your generosity truly helps those who once lived on the streets.


Audrey: Your donations help Pathlight HOME residents like Audrey’s Restore Program client, a young man in his 30s. He moved into his Maxwell Terrace apartment after experiencing a series of assaults that resulted in a shattered knee, broken jaw, and severe spine problems among other conditions. Once a physically fit, hard worker with a good job, he lost both his job and his home. Now dealing with daily pain and PTSD from the trauma, he walks with a cane and has little endurance. After several arduous and lengthy disability claims, he was denied disability income. Thanks to YOUR support of our services and his case manager’s resolve, he is scheduled for a new disability hearing next month. We are very hopeful he will be approved and he is extremely grateful.


Marica: Our hearts are touched by residents’ gratitude for our donors and staff during these COVID-19 social-distancing days. They especially appreciate YOUR nonperishable food donations, as there are always residents in need of food, with or without a pandemic. Case Manager Marica was onsite at Maxwell Terrace recently for the regularly-scheduled Restore Program food pantry. A client stood aside, watching as Marica gave out the food, and expressed his thanks in a very unique way. “I shall not want,” he commented about the supply of donated items. After offering his help, which she declined, he commented how organized she was, expressed his faith, shared a prayer, and stated that this program will forever be blessed and protected. If that’s not a heartfelt “thank you,” we don’t know what is!   


Gail: Our Homes for New Beginnings Case Manager, Gail, is especially grateful these last several weeks, even in light of a pandemic! Thanks to YOUR bulk nonperishable food donations, our Pathlight Kitchen team has been able to provide Gail’s 50 clients with a hot meal on two occasions, with more meals to come. The Maxwell Garden team and our culinary duo, Chef Esteban and Shannelle, have collaborated to get the hot meals cooked and delivered to the appreciative residents. Gail has received several calls of thanks from clients. One thankful gentleman, who calls Gail, “his pumpkin,” said he couldn’t get to the store for food due to his health conditions, and didn’t know where his next meal was coming from. One never knows what amazing teamwork and donated food will provide!   


Gabriella: They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And as their lives change for the better, our residents want to reflect their new outlook in how they look, in particular their hair. Pathlight HOME is especially grateful to have had professional stylists volunteer their time and talent to provide haircuts to our residents on a monthly basis, to overwhelming gratitude and rave reviews. Our Development Associate, Gabriella, received a “thank you” call from a female client that was chock full of gratitude, expressed in innumerable ways. She explained to Gabriella that she wasn’t able to take care of her hair and it was really beginning to depress her. Our client’s heartfelt appreciation for the donation of time and skill to make her feel pretty exemplify just how important our volunteers are to the lives of our residents.


Rotaya: The old saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” is very much alive at Pathlight HOME.  Our dream is to change lives, and staff works with each other and supporters to do it. Our Homes for New Beginnings Case Manager, Gail, was concerned that one of her clients would not be able to receive a hot meal being prepared by our Pathlight Kitchen team, as he was in the hospital. Hearing Gail’s predicament on the phone, Lead Case Manager Rotaya was able to solve the plight by contacting our Sobik’s Subs Café, adjacent to Maxwell Garden. Our Store Manager there, Barbara, was happy to prepare a hot “Grab and Go” meal for Gail’s client, who was very grateful and thankful for the meal. Rotaya says her heart was “warmed with JOY” at the TEAMWORK that gets the job done!


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