Giving Tuesday Now — A Wonderful Success

Tears of Joy Thanks to You

Thanks to YOU, we’ve seen tears of joy and smiles of gratitude recently in our Maxwell Terrace and Maxwell Garden lobbies, along with the masks and social distancing practices. That’s what happens when people working hard to change their lives are helped along the way. And the element of surprise adds some spice to the mix!


When we put out the plea for resources to assist some of our Pathlight HOME residents who have been directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic through the loss of their job or work hours, YOU responded. You understood the need to help formerly-homeless individuals STAY housed by providing support for their rent and utilities during these trying times.


Your generosity raised $4,470, surpassing our #GivingTuesdayNow goal and enabling us to assist even more residents who have lost their employment due to COVID-19 than we’d hoped. So far, there are 10 residents; and we’re still counting! You’re helping people such as…


Adubi, a five-year resident of Maxwell Garden was laid off from his job detailing and waxing cars, a non-essential service during a pandemic. Concerned about not having the money to pay his rent, this responsible man asked friends for help, kept Property Manager Juanita apprised of his situation, and worried. “I couldn’t sleep,” he says. “I kept tossing and turning.”


When Juanita handed him a letter indicating his May rent had been paid, Adubi was stunned! This ever-so-grateful resident couldn’t say “thank you” enough to the generous souls who helped him. “It was like a dream come true,” he reports, “That was the first night I had a good night’s sleep! I appreciate all of you for making it possible.” Needless to say, he’s still pretty anxious to be back detailing cars!


At Maxwell Terrace, resident Dorothy had been put on standby from her yearlong job at a car auction, deemed a non-essential business during the stay-at-home period. Awaiting a determination from her state unemployment application, she paid April’s rent with her federal stimulus check, which totaled much less than anticipated. Though she knew our team would work with her, she worried about May. “How am I going to pay rent? I’m going to have nowhere to go,” she says. “I prayed about it.”


As she read the letter given to her by Sr. Property Manager Crisetty that May’s rent had been paid by our generous supporters, Dorothy knew her prayers were answered. “I was almost in tears,” she says. “Wow! I was not expecting it. Thank God!”


And, from all of us at Pathlight HOME, THANK YOU!