It’s a Pathway to Life!

With the holiday season upon us, Pathlight HOME knew it was the perfect time to say “thank you” to those who have so generously supported us all year long. You have helped so many whose lives are changing, such as our Maxwell Terrace resident, Alphonso.


Alphonso was raring to go to college on a wrestling scholarship, when his life changed forever. At the young age of 18, he was hit by a drunk driver. The crash resulted in a multitude of surgeries, the loss of one leg, and pins throughout the other leg. Not only was his dream lost, but he was ready to give up on life. Only the love and encouragement of his mother pulled him from the depths of despair. “Just by her being there and talking to me,” he recalls. That was 1990.


For Alphonso, learning to walk with a prosthetic was freeing, yet painful. He took on some seasonal work, learned to drive and to ride a bicycle and, sadly, got shot when he went to visit his dad in Ft. Pierce. Then, Alphonso wasn’t able to work at all.


In 1992, “I found someone who wanted me,” he reminisces. Together, they had four children, changing his entire outlook on life. “They were my light and heart,” he emotes. “They gave me a sense of living…made me feel whole again.”


Over the next 13 years, he had four more children with another partner. He found himself needing somewhere to live on his disability income. But where? What could he afford? Thanks to his nephew, he found Maxwell Terrace!


Today, Alphonso is a happy man! I never thought I’d be in my own place,” he says. Not only does he thank the Lord, but he is grateful for those who have donated items to our Marketplace and for our entire Resource Center. Almost disbelieving, he shares that he got a microwave, dishes, bedding, hygiene items, food, cookware and shoes! In fact, thanks to the Marketplace, a few longtime friends and some family, he now has, “Stuff to make my apartment look like home.”


His appreciation for Pathlight HOME staff and services could light up a room! He is thankful that his case manager, Henry, is able to assist with bus passes for medical appointments; that Gabriella helps with food and needed items; and that Belinda is there to greet him with a smile. “The whole staff is awesome; it’s a blessing. They’ve got all kinds of services, all kinds of resources,” he says.


“It’s a pathway to life,” says Alphonso. “People just need to apply themselves. It changed my life tremendously.”