Celebrating Culinary Success: Valerie’s Story

For nearly 30 years, Valerie drove tractor-trailers until an injury left her unable to work. 


Not one to settle, her entrepreneurial desire to launch a food truck business led her to the Pathlight HOME Culinary Training Program. 


“I want to build a legacy for my family,” said Valerie. “When I learned about this program, I just had to take advantage.”


Valerie stood out as a star student. Throughout the eight-week course, she maintained perfect attendance, learned about food safety, banquet dining skills and new recipes. 


“Aside from being a great human being, Valerie is the let’s go do it, person,” Chef Esteban shared about his time leading her cohort. “She was always motivated and eager to learn new things and techniques and help her community. Valerie has so much potential in her!”


One of Valerie’s favorite part of the course was being exposed to how to eat and cook with fresh vegetables and herbs. “I eat artichoke now!” she shared. Valerie’s new skills  led her to start her own garden of sage, thyme and mint. 


“If you want to succeed, you can,” said Valerie. “This programs helped me press on and keep moving forward.”


For nine years, the Pathlight HOME Culinary Training Program has transformed the lives of hundreds of students.