Growing for Good at Pathlight HOME’s Community Garden

Fresh tomatoes, fragrant herbs, and hopeful futures: All are growing steadily at Pathlight HOME’s community garden, where volunteers are planting seeds to cultivate a brighter tomorrow.


Originally launched in 2019 through a grant-funded partnership with Ideas for Us, the garden provides natural green space and fresh air at Maxwell Terrace, Pathlight HOME’s permanent housing apartment complex. And this spring, a team of volunteers is getting ready to reinvigorate the garden from the ground up.


“Not only is the garden a resource for Maxwell Terrace residents, but it’s also an opportunity to support Pathlight’s mission,” says Kennedy Shiley, Pathlight’s community engagement coordinator. “The fresh produce harvested here will be shared with our culinary program, so students can use them to create delicious meals.” 


Community gardens like the one at Maxwell Terrace play a big role in that movement by bringing natural food and hands-on learning closer to the table. 


By supporting Pathlight HOME’s culinary education program – an eight-week course open to Central Florida community members at no cost – the garden will also help students hone skills used in hospitality and food service industries that can bolster their future careers.


With the spring growing season underway, Kennedy and her team are currently recruiting volunteers to help sow, maintain, and harvest the garden throughout the year. She encourages those interested to get in touch: “If you have a passion for gardening, we’d love to hear from you!”

To learn more about the Maxwell Terrace garden and explore volunteer opportunities and other ways to support Pathlight HOME, contact Kennedy Shiley at