Celebrating Pathlight HOME’s 29th Anniversary

It all started in 1991 when a local Reverend and Attorney discovered that they had the same dream of housing Orlando’s homeless. By 1992, Grand Avenue Economic Community Development Corp. (AKA Pathlight HOME) was incorporated with a HUD Grant Application submitted to house 100 homeless persons. Almost 29 years and 7,000 homeless housed later, we are proud to say that we are “Still Dreaming”. Join us in celebrating 29 years this April 1st!

Still Dreaming (Virtual Event)

April 1st 2021 12-1pm

The late Reverend Fred Maxwell, Co-Founder of Pathlight HOME, always intended for Pathlight HOME to continuously grow. With every homeless housed, he sought to house more. In his words, he was "still dreaming" of ways to continue to make a difference and change lives. 

Today, Pathlight HOME dreams of expanding housing services to Orlando's homeless families. To learn more register for Still Dreaming. 

$29 for 29 Years!

To help us celebrate our upcoming anniversary, we're asking for donations of $29. All funds raised will be used in support of future housing for homeless families. This includes permit costs, furnishings and more.

Pathlight HOME Timeline 1991 - Present