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With more than 25 years of experience housing formerly homeless men and women, Pathlight HOME can help your community provide affordable housing to people who need a second chance.


Housing First has been recognized as the best method to provide stability and safety for formerly homeless men and womenHaving a safe, supportive place to live nurtures positive opportunities for people to move forward in life. Too many communities are already struggling with the need to bring down the cost of living for working populations. We must not leave behind those who most need our community’s support to keep a roof over their heads — our veterans and our men and women with physical or mental challenges. 

What Makes Our Program Successful

Our staff at Pathlight HOME has more than 25 years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing Housing First solutions. We have successfully created three housing programs across two converted motels that can house more than 600 formerly homeless individuals. Since 1992, we have housed more than 7,000 men and women.  

We Built the Pathlight HOME Program on the Following Pillars:

1.  Housing First.

Our first priority when tackling homelessness is housing people. Providing a safe place to live gives people the stability and support needed to address other issues. 

2.  Transforming Buildings.

We like to use structures that already exist and rehabilitate them to fit the needs of efficiency apartment units. Both of our current properties were former motels, which had been abandoned as the heart of Orlando tourism moved toward the Disney area. Today, they provide full-time residents with a second chance at a better life. 

3.  Supporting Journeys.

We know that a roof over their head is just the start. We focus on providing a variety of opportunities to our residents through in-house services. Along with access to case management, nurse and medical services, we also offer life skills classes, a culinary training program and transportation assistance.

4.  Community Support.

The community is a huge supporter of our residents. Through various partnerships our residents receive haircuts, food donations and more.

Building Your Housing First Program

Providing affordable housing for formerly homeless men and women is not a challenge to be undertaken lightly. This is a vital, life-changing service — you will make a difference in ways you could not possibly anticipate at the start. 


Our team has decades of experience building and implementing Housing First programs. We provide consulting services in the following areas to assist organizations and communities who are committed to building long-term affordable housing programs. 

Program Design 

To determine what kind of program will be the most useful in your community, you should first research what is currently available. Find where the gaps in services provided to homeless and formerly homeless individuals occur and create a program that addresses those issues. We can assist with helping you create a program that can best serve your community.  

Property Management  

When your property houses formerly homeless men and women, taking a compassionate approach to property management becomes essential. Your staff will need to recognize that residents may have unique needs and challenges and be prepared to work with them. Taking a more hands-on approach, staff should be willing to go beyond property management and work to keep the mission in mind when interacting with residents. Property management and case management work closely together without crossing lines to meet the client’s needs. 

Case Management  

The Pathlight HOME staff has provided case management consulting for Housing First properties across Central Florida. We can cater our consulting to fit your needs and help you build a team that focuses on teamwork and furthering the mission of supporting and housing homeless individuals.  

How Can Your Community Create Housing First Solutions? 

Contact us to find out how we can support your mission to house formerly homeless individuals. If you would like more information on how you can join the fight to end homelessness by following our path, please provide your contact details below.