Pathlight Community Services

Our help for formerly homeless individuals doesn’t end with our program residents. In 2019, we opened our case management services to Pathlight HOME residents who do not participate in one of our existing case-managed programs.   

How Case Managers Can Help

Case managers for Pathlight Community Services work with residents who want someone to help them address personal issues and overcome challenges, including: 

  • Mental health and addictions 
  • Education, job training, and career placements 
  • Household management
  • Budgeting and finance 
  • Building relationships in the community 
  • Restarting your life after homelessness can be challenging, and support from someone knowledgeable and helpful can make all the difference.  

How residents can schedule time with a case manager 

Pathlight HOME residents who would like to schedule time with a case manager from Pathlight Community Services should contact:

Maxwell Garden

Edwin Santana 

407-477-1211, ext. 2016

Maxwell Terrace

Miscindy Taylor

407-521-6335, ext. 1025