Restore Program

Located at Maxwell Terrace Apartments, this housing program provides a stable environment to former chronically homeless, disabled individuals.  

If you're applying for this program, you'll need a referral from the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida. Please visit the list of hubs where you can register for a possible referral.

Residents do not need a source of income.  

Resident Life

Residents who participate in the Restore program have their own room, kitchinette and bathroom. There is a communal kitchen and laundry facilities on site. Restore program staff host events and activities for residents to help them grow and give them a sense of community.  

Activities For Residents:

  • Arts and Crafts 
  • Get Healthy classes 
  • Movie Day  
  • Visits to community parks
  • Shopping trips to Walmart 
  • Thanksgiving Meal
  • Holiday Party

Services For Residents:

  • Case management
  • Access to mental health and addiction programs 
  • Transportation 
  • Economic opportunities 
  • Food assistance and laundry assistance
A photo of Mark, a Restore Program resident of Pathlight Home

Success Story: Restore Program

Our Restore Program helps people like Mark. Mark grew up in a rough and toxic environment. After working in a restaurant that went out of business, he spent 13 years homeless on the streets.


In 2015, Joel and Brad from the HOPE Team (Health Care Center for the Homeless) approached him. By this time, Mark had been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes and a degenerative disk in his back. 


“Joel told me about the Restore Program. I told him, ‘No, you’re insane! That program can’t exist,” Mark said. But when he learned more about it, he applied and became a resident of the Restore Program.


“When you go in, you have the basics. You get a sense of security and safety. You’ve got four walls, a door and a lock. You can’t buy that with money,” he said. “A sense of security is invaluable.”


Maxwell Terrace Apartments 
3200 W Colonial Dr.  
Orlando, FL 32808 

Contact Information 

(407) 521-6335 Ext. 2007