Pathlight HOME Resource Center

The newest addition to Pathlight HOME, the Pathlight Resource center is located at Maxwell Terrace directly next to Pathlight Kitchen. This center was opened in an effort to provide new services to Pathlight HOME residents including employment services, a marketplace and food pantry.

Employment Center

 A stable income is an essential part of allowing the formerly homeless the opportunity to continue onto a path to self sufficiency. Seeing this need, Pathlight HOME created the Employment Center, located within the Pathlight HOME Resource Center. 


The need for skills and knowledge needed to navigate today's workforce extends beyond Pathlight HOME residents. For that reason, the Employment Center's services are open to the entire community. 


Services Offered:

  • Resume & Cover Letter Help
  • Job Application Assistance
  • On-site Recruiting
  • Weekly Training Seminars
  • Computer & Phone Access
  • Interview Practice 
  • Supportive Employment Programs

 Funded in part by The Joe & Sarah Galloway Foundation

Services available by appointment only. For questions or to schedule your appointment, please contact Fernando Beaubrun at or 407-521-6335 x1023.


Part of following the Housing First Method is prioritizing a permanent, safe place for our residents to stay. What comes next are the necessities needed to turn this place into a HOME. 


In order to offer a dignified and efficient way for Pathlight HOME residents to receive the necessities they need, the Pathlight HOME Marketplace was created. Located within the Resource Center, this space is filled with shelves stocked with donated  kitchenware, bedding, clothing, hygiene items and more needed to fill their new homes. At no cost to them, our residents are given the freedom to choose what they would like to take home. 

Get Involved


  • Visit our Immediate Needs page for ideas of new/gently used items you can donate to the marketplace. Donations may dropped off Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-4pm at the Pathlight Resource Center. 
  • Funds may be donated so that new items may be purchased for the marketplace. Donate here.


  • Volunteers are needed to manage donation inventory by sorting, tracking and displaying the donations as well as signing in residents as they visit the marketplace. To get started fill out our Volunteer Application.

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